Meg Zachry is graduate of The Rhode Island School of Design, she has been an artist in the Memphis community now for more than ten years.  Her portfolio ranges from avant-garde puppet performances, to three dimensional paper mache, to sculptures in bronze.  Her work has been shown in numerous venues around Memphis including being a featured artist at the Buckman Gallery at St. Mary’s in their fall season, 2010.  Working at the Lugar Bronze Foundry east of Memphis, she has worked closely with many artists in the Mid South and has been an important part of creating some of the best loved artwork in our local public spaces.  She has recently joined the ranks of public artists of Memphis with the unveiling of her creation “Learning is a Safari”, a permanent installation in the children’s sections of the Bartlett Public Library.  A collection of bas-relief panels made from a wide range of recycled materials, the scenes jump off the wall at the viewer, inspiring children and adults alike with exotic animals depicted in rich environments.  The use of recycled and re-appropriated materials is a particular theme in Meg’s work, but she has also created works in wood, plaster, clay, bronze, mosaic tile, and she does oil painting and photography.